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We believe everyone should have access to True Mediterranean Olive Oil shipped straight to your door


OUr Story

  • Our batches are small and delicately cared for. It starts with small family-owned farmers harvesting their groves for the best olives.

  • We have had long-standing relationship since 1939 with our  farmers to ensure the quality is always the best.

  • We support disadvantaged farmers in the north of Lebanon by encouraging them to continue to produce and preserve traditional olive oil production methods while optimizing for sustainability.

Our story

About true fields

  • We have lived in big cities and have gone grocery shopping at every possible store. We know what it’s like to want fresh ingredients and healthy food. We also know how hard it can be to find them

  • True Fields exists to make sure the olive oil you consume is the best the world has to offer: Premium quality cold-pressed and straight from the Mediterranean

Our story

Why true fields?

  • The olives are pressed in small batches. Every single batch is cared for and inspected by our packing facility. Every single drop of olive oil cold pressed is examined. 

  • Our bottles are imported into the US, stored in Cambridge, and shipped straight to your door

  • We wanted olive oil sourced from the Mediterranean with full transparency so we created True Fields

Olive oil delivered directly to your door. Choose the quantity, frequency and in no time it will be on the way to your home.