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True Fields Extra virgin Olive Oil in Recipes

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Celebrate Olive Oil!

We absolutely love olive oil and have included it in many of our recipes. Because of that, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight how olive oil is used in these recipes.  Not only can you make these delicious dishes using True Fields EVOO, but you can take inspiration and ideas from them. This will help you develop your own olive oil recipes.

In our recipe for Salmon Filet With Blistered Tomatoes, olive oil does double duty.  It functions as a lubricating cooking medium – the tomatoes and salmon wouldn’t stick when cooking, but the olive oil guarantees it. It also makes a luscious sauce all on its own, enriching the delicious fish even further.

Chef Critchley’s Beet Salad glistens with an easy, elegant vinaigrette.  The perfectly roasted beets, neither mushy nor heavy but sweet and toothsome, look like a pile of jewels when coated in olive oil, vinegar, and seasonings. Furthermore, they taste even better than they look!

Another vegetable that benefits from olive oil is the zucchini. Its fellow summer squashes do as well in this colorful recipe. Summer squash can be watery and bland, but not here! Then the olive-oil-based dressing enriches the vegetables and enhances their flavor.

Meat benefits from olive oil just as much as vegetables do. No meat demonstrates that better than lamb. The olive-oil-based marinade carries flavors much more efficiently than a water-based marinade, and the thickness of the oil helps the seasonings cling. 

Beef also benefits from olive oil, as in this Grass-Fed Beef Shoulder. For all of its richness, olive oil also has a lightness to it.  This helps elevate the beef from being stodgy to being satisfying. Also, the glistening glow that olive oil lends to all it touches makes the already gorgeous beef look absolutely mouthwatering.

Poultry and olive oil are natural partners, such as in this Cornish Game Hen recipe. Cooking such small birds evenly can be a challenge, but the olive oil provides crispness, succulence, and a delicious sheen to the seared hens, making them irresistible.

These recipes just begin to demonstrate the luscious versatility of olive oil.  We very much hope they serve as a delicious inspiration and also delicious meals!